Big Data

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What is Big Data?
Big Data History, Technologies, Use cases
Benefits of Big Data
Reasons to Learn Big Data
Top Big Data Tools
Why Big Data is Gaining Hype
Lambda Architecture for Big Data
Spark Map vs FlatMap
Lazy Evaluation in Spark
Fault Tolerance in Spark
Spark Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG)
Spark Cluster Managers
Spark – Hadoop Compatibility
Performance Tuning in Spark
Apache Spark Executor
Apache Spark Stages
Limitations & Drawbacks of Spark

Introduction to Spark
What is Spark?
Spark Environment Setup for Ubuntu
Spark Installation in Standalone Mode
Spark Terminologies & Concepts
Spark Ecosystem Components
How does Spark Work?- Runtime Architecture
Why Should I Learn Spark?
Spark Features
Spark Shell Commands
Installing Multinode Clusters for Spark
SparkContext and its Functions
Spark RDD, Features, and Operations
Ways to Create a Spark RDD
Spark RDD Persistence & Caching
Spark RDD Features
Spark RDD Limitations
Spark Transformations and Actions on RDDs
Spark RDD Lineage
Apache Spark Paired RDD
Create Spark Projects in Eclipse
Spark Notes for Beginners & Experienced
Apache Spark Use Cases in Real Time
Introduction to Spark SQL
Apache Spark SQL Tutorial
Spark SQL Features
DataFrames in Spark SQL

PySpark MLlib- Algorithms & Parameters
PySpark Profiler- Methods & Functions
PySpark Serializers- Marshal & Pickle
PySpark StorageLevel
PySpark StatusTracker(jtracker)
PySpark Broadcast & Accumulator
PySpark Interview Questions
Optimization in Spark SQL
Spark SQL Performance Tuning
RDD vs DataFrame vs DataSet
SparkR DataFrame and Operations
Introduction to Spark Streaming
Spark Streaming- DStreams (Discretized Streams)
Transformations in Spark Streaming
Checkpointing in Spark Streaming
Structured Streaming in SparkR
Creating SparkDataFrames in SparkR
GraphX API in Spark
Spark GraphX Features
Graph Algorithms GraphX
Spark Machine Learning with R
Apache Spark MLlib Algorithm Featurization
Spark MLlib Data Types
Spark Machine Learning Algorithm
Spark Streaming vs Apache Storm
Spark SQL vs Hive

Introduction to Apache Kafka
Features of Kafka
Kafka Terminologies
Apache Kafka Pros & Cons
Apache Kafka Applications
Apache Kafka Architecture
Apache Kafka Workflow(Pub-Sub Messagin
Kafka Cluster Setup
Kafka vs RabbitMQ
Kafka vs Storm
Kafka vs RabbitMQ
Kafka Producers
Kafka Consumers
Kafka Brokers
Kafka Queuing- Messaging System
Creating Kafka Clients
Apache Kafka Connect
Kafka-Docker: Kafka using Docker
Kafka Topics
Kafka Tools
Kafka Monitoring Tools
Kafka Operations with Commands
Role of Zookeeper in Kafka
Kafka Streams- Stream & Real-Time Processing
Apache Kafka + Spark Streaming Integration
Kafka + Hadoop Integration
Kafka Optimization- Performance Tuning
Kafka Load Testing with JMeter
Storm-Kafka Integration
Kafka SerDe
Kafka Schema Registry
Security Concepts in Kafka

Hadoop Architecture
Internal Working of Hadoop
Hadoop Commands
Hadoop Clusters
Hadoop High Availability
Hadoop Schedulers
Hadoop Distributed Cache
Hadoop Automatic Failover
Hadoop Limitations & Solutions
Hadoop HBase Compaction & Data Locality in Hadoop
Install Hadoop
Hadoop vs Cassandra
Hadoop vs MongoDB
Hadoop vs Spark vs Flink

Introduction to HDFS
HDFS Architecture
Features of HDFS
HDFS Read-Write Operations
HDFS Data Read Operation
HDFS Data Write Operation
HDFS Commands
HDFS Data Blocks
HDFS Rack Awareness
HDFS High Availability
HDFS NameNode High Availability
HDFS Federation- Architecture & Benefits
HDFS Disk Balancer
Erasure Coding in HDFS
Fault Tolerance in HDFS
MapReduce Tutorials

Introduction to MapReduce
MapReduce Data Flow
How Hadoop MapReduce Works
MapReduce Mapper
MapReduce Reducer
MapReduce Key-Value Pairs
MapReduce InputFormat
MapReduce InputSplit
MapReduce RecordReader
MapReduce Partitioner
MapReduce Combiner
Shuffling-Sorting in MapReduce
MapReduce OutputFormat
MapReduce InputSplit vs Blocks

Introduction to Apache Hive
Apache Hive Architecture
Apache Hive Data Types
Apache Hive Built-in Operators
Built-In Functions in Hive
User-Defined Functions (UDF) in Hive
Hive DDL Commands and Types
Views and Indexes in Hive
Configuring Hive Metastores
Developing Data Models in Hive
Hive Custom and Built-in SerDe
Hive Data Partitioning
Bucketing in Hive
Hive Partitioning vs Bucketing
Apache Hive Joins and Types
Map Join in Hive
Bucket Map Join in Hive
Skew Join in Hive
Hive SMB (Sort Merge Bucket) Join
Hive Internal vs External Tables
Configuring Hive Metastore to MySQL
HiveQL (Hive Query Language) Select Statement
HiveQL Group By Clause
HiveQL Order By Clause
7 Best Hive Optimization Techniques
HBase vs Hive
Pig vs Hive
Impala vs Hive
Best Hive Books
Impala Tutorials

Introduction to Impala
Impala Environment Setup
Features of Impala
Impala Architecture
Impala Use Cases
Impala Built-in Functions
Impala User Defined Functions (UDF)
Impala Data Types
Comments in Impala
Introduction to Impala SQL (Impala Query Language)
Selecting a Database with Hue Browser- Impala SQL
DESCRIBE Statement in Impala SQL
SELECT Statement in Impala SQL
CREATE TABLE Statement in Impala SQL
DROP TABLE Statement in Impala SQL
INSERT Statement in Impala SQL
TRUNCATE TABLE Statement in Impala SQL
SHOW Statement in Impala SQL
CREATE VIEW Statement in Impala SQL
DROP VIEW Statement in Impala SQL
ALTER VIEW Statement in Impala SQL
ALTER TABLE Statement in Impala SQL
ORDER BY Clause in Impala SQL
GROUP BY Clause in Impala SQL
LIMIT Clause in Impala SQL
HAVING Clause in Impala SQL
WITH Clause in Impala SQL
UNION Clause in Impala SQL
OFFSET Clause in Impala SQL
DISTINCT Operator in Impala SQL
Impala Shell Commands

Introduction to HBase
Features of HBase
HBase Architecture
HBase Pros & Cons
HBase Use Cases
HBase Shell Commands and Usage
HBase Read & Write Operations
HBase Commands to Define and Manipulate Data
HBase Table Management Commands
HBase Data Manipulation Commands- Create, Truncate, Scan
HBase Admin API
HBase Client API
HBase MemStore Configuration and Benefits
HBase Optimization: Performance Tuning
HBase Compaction and Data Locality in Hadoop


Introduction to Pig
Pig Environment Setup
Apache Pig Features
Apache Pig Architecture
A Comprehensive Guide to Apache Pig
Pros and Cons of Pig
Pig Architecture & Execution Modes
Pig Grunt Shell Commands
Pig Built-in Functions
User-Defined Functions in Pig
Introduction to Pig Latin
Pig Latin Operators and Statements
Executing Apache Pig Scripts
Reading and Storing Pig Data and Operators
Apache Pig Execution Modes and Mechanisms

Introduction to Sqoop
Sqoop Environment Setup
Sqoop Features
Sqoop Architecture
Importing Data from RDBMS to HDFS- Sqoop
Exporting Data from HDFS to RDBMS- Sqoop
Sqoop Eval- Commands and Query Evaluation
Sqoop import-all-tables
Sqoop Validation- Interfaces and Limitations
Sqoop Codegen Arguments and Commands
Combining Datasets with Sqoop Merge
Sqoop Metastore Tool
Sqoop Troubleshooting Tips & Known Issues
Sqoop List Tables and their Arguments
Sqoop List Databases and Syntax
Creating and Executing Jobs in Sqoop
Sqoop Connectors & Drivers (JDBC)
Sqoop Import Mainframe Tool
Databases Supported in Sqoop

Introduction to ZooKeeper
ZooKeeper Features
ZooKeeper Architecture
ZooKeeper Workflow
Terminologies of ZooKeeper
ZooKeeper Applications
Pros and Cons of ZooKeeper
ZooKeeper Data Model
ZooKeeper Znode
Leader Election in ZooKeeper
ZooKeeper CLI (Command Line Interface)
ZooKeeper Access Control with ACLs
ZooKeeper API- Java & C Bindings
ZooKeeper Sessions
ZooKeeper Queues- Priority and Producer-Consumer
ZooKeeper Locks- Shared and Recoverable Shared

Introduction to Ambari
Ambari Features
Ambari Architecture
Pros of Ambari
Ambari Views
Ambari Groups and Users
Ambari Web UI- Accessing and Troubleshooting
Ambari Cluster Setup
Ambari Security Guide- Kerberos
Ambari Troubleshooting
Ambari Uses

Introduction to AVRO
Features of AVRO
AVRO Schema
AVRO Reference API
Serialization in AVRO
AVRO SerDe- Code Generation
AVRO SerDe- Parsers
AVRO- SASL Profile

Introduction to Hadoop YARN
Hadoop YARN Resource Manager
Hadoop YARN Node Manager
Apache Mesos vs Hadoop YARN

Introduction to Cassandra
Cassandra Environment Setup
Features of Cassandra
Cassandra Applications
Cassandra Glossary
Cassandra Architecture
Cassandra vs Hadoop
Cassandra vs MongoDB
Cassandra vs RDBMS
Cassandra vs HBase
Best Cassandra Books
Cassandra Techniques
The Data Model in Cassandra
Cassandra API- References, CQL, Thrift
4 Cassandra Monitoring Tools
Cassandra Clusters and the Cluster Builder
Cassandra CRUD Operations
Cassandra Query Language Shell (CQLSH)
10 Cassandra Documented Shell Commands
Data Definition Commands in CQL
Data Manipulation Commands in CQL
Cassandra Data Types- Built-in, Collection, User-defined
User-defined Data Types in Cassandra
Cassandra Collection Data Types- List, Set, Map
Troubleshooting in Cassandra

Introduction to MongoDB
MongoDB Environment Setup
Features of MongoDB
Pros & Cons of MongoDB
Comprehansive Guide
Why MongoDB should we learn
The 16 Data Types of MongoDB
Updating Documents in MongoDB
Deleting Documents in MongoDB
Creating a Database in MongoDB
Dropping a Database in MongoDB
Creating & Dropping Collections in MongoDB
MongoDB Data Modeling with Document Structure
Projection in MongoDB and How it Affects Performance
MongoDB Capped Collection
Operations Performed on Document
Backup & Restore Methods
MongoDB Text Search
MongoDB RockMongo
MongoDB GridFS
MongoDB Regular Expression (regex)
How to Execute MongoDB in PHP
MongoDB Vs Hadoop
Limiting Records in MongoDB with skip()
MongoDB Indexes and their Types
MongoDB Relationships & Database Reference
How to Execute MongoDB in Java
MongoDB Covered & Analyzing Query
MongoDB ObjectId & Atomic Operations
Generate Auto Increment Sequence
MongoDB Aggregation
MongoDB Replication & Sharding
Working of MapReduce in MongoDB