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About Us

Founder Mr. Ravi Shankar Aradhya has started Pentagon Space to address the issues of Technological drift that requires upskilling and reskilling of existing professionals in the companies. At the same time we aim at reaching out to the masses and make High end technology available to aspirants of knowledge at an affordable price. The future being data the vision, mission and goal of the company is oriented towards delivering the technologies to “master the future” which in fact is the tagline of the company.

Our Founder is known for his teaching techniques which help the students in easy understandability of the most complicated concepts. With the teaching experience of 14 years and training 1000’s of students now he has decided to take up the challenge to deliver the most in demand skill set currently in the industry, which is the future. Backed by his extraordinary teaching skills are the placement opportunities that Pentagon space provides which help us to complete the cycle of gaining knowledge.

Pentagon Space would be the focal point for the people who want to master the future with niche technologies and the clients who are in search of resources can be deployed from the first day of work.

About the Founder

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Ravi Shankar Aradhya

Professional Experience: 14 years
Founder and CEO – Pentagon Space
Ex Co-founder - ABC for Java and Testing

Subjects Proficient:
Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Network, Natural Language Processing, Scala, R, Python, Data Analytics, Cyber Security, C, C++, Unix, Data Structures, Algorithms, Database Management Systems (DBMS), Java, C#, Web Technologies, Django, Research Methodologies and providing Architecture for Software Solutions.

Founder Speak:
Our Founder believes that Education is the only means to take the nation forward by advancement in technologies. The gap between industry expectation and the knowledge level of both working professionals and students is increasing drastically day by day. With the vision of connecting to the future with new technologies and to make existing work force and aspiring young minds relevant to current industry trend MR Ravi Shankar Aradhya started Pentagon Space.

His passion for teaching and simplistic approach of conveying the concepts is adored by 1000’s of students from various Technical Background and has helped them to shape their careers. In his pursuit of conveying the technology to the masses he has accepted the challenge to deliver the most sort out leading-edge technologies of the industry and the most difficult niche technologies to the young and aspiring minds to shape the careers along with working professionals to help them upskill and be relevant to the technological drift.

His Aim is to make technical education of niche technologies affordable and reach out to the masses to bring a change in society so that the nation is driven towards progress.

Data is the Future, If we can master data, we can master the future.

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