Python for Web Development using Django Framework

Python for Web Development using Django

What is a web framework?
MVT design pattern
Importance of Django framework
Creating and running a Django project
Creating multiple applications
Defining URL patterns inside an application

Creating a template based application
Defining template tags
Application to display employee information
Inserting static files
Developing a blog application using static files

Configuring the database with sqlite3
Configuring the database with mysql
Configuring the database with mongodb
Importance make migrations and migrate
Creating a Bank database
Creating a Student database Module -4: Django Forms
Difference between HTML forms and Django forms
Form handling process
Form fields and validation
Model Forms
Implementing custom validators
Template inheritance and template filters
Creating a course registration form
Creating an employee information form

Session management with cookies
Permanent and temporary cookies
Django session framework
Important session methods
Deleting a session
Developing an online purchase application
Developing customer details management application

Creating views at class level
Creating a template file for ListView
Developing an online movie booking application
Developing an employee profile application
Developing a customer database application

Setting up of Django Rest framework
Rest Framework views
Creating custom action
Working with Serializers classes
JWT Authentication
Handling relationships
Consuming third party API