Campus placement is one of the key things, during graduation any student while enrolling themselves check whether they have a successful future after studying that particular course from that college, however, campus placements don’t necessarily benefit all, there are many factors related to this.

  1. The academics of each student is different and the score required from each company that comes for placements are set so only if a student meets their set score, they will be hired.
  2. Each company has its own process of hiring, few take exams and interviews, and few only interviews. It is up to the students to perform their best in both and make themselves capable of that company.
  3. In order to be hired through campus placement giving your best, doing your homework is extremely necessary.

However, many still don’t get hired also because the company is only looking for 1 or 2 candidates and the competition is amongst 10-15.

Employability in India: An overview

There are approximately 4282 engineering colleges in India that produce 1-2 million engineering students per year. Under the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) there are about 3225 institutes for engineering. Out of the 1-2 million students, only less than 40% are hired by campus placements, the rest 20% move to the business sector after pursuing MBA, the other 20% join the non-engineering government services such as banking or civil services, 5% join the education sector, Ph.D. holders and professors, the other 5% pursue MTech and finally, the rest 5% move abroad for better employment opportunities and the rest 5% remain unemployed.

After graduation, 60% of students pursue jobs in different sectors with low salaries because the employment opportunities in India are less. Due to the mass rise in engineering institutes, there has been a rise in students opting for engineering as their career this has resulted in disproportionate statistics between academics and industry. The colleges lure students for jobs outside the country but fail to provide apt knowledge and internships. This is because there are no practical knowledge and internship opportunities that will cater to all the 1-2 million students in India. Therefore, it becomes easier for students to move towards pursuing MBA and aspire to become an entrepreneur or a manager in companies.

India skills report- 2021

To kick off the Wheebox National Employability Test survey analysis for 2021, let’s explore the results for the overall employability of students. About 45.9% of students in this year’s survey were identified as employable or job-ready. This is a significant decline of 0.1% from last year’s employability score which stood at 46%. The overall trend is a positive indication of the available talent resources in various industries. This is because more technical students are employable, matching up to the demands of many industries. However, having a job-ready talent pool of 45.9% requires the opportunities to furnish this country’s economy. The unemployment rate in India was estimated at 6.5% in January 2021, with 8.1% of urban India unemployed and 5.7% of rural India unemployed. This can be attributed to the fewer job opportunities available in the formal sector of many states in India.

what to do after graduation if not got placed


Why unemployability in India?

  1. The engineering institutions do not focus on developing the skill sets of students in accordance with the industry’s demand.
  2. Today engineering colleges are running like businesses wherein top management has no role to play in order to get their students hired.
  3. Most of the engineering colleges are located in faraway places that limit industrial visits.
  4. Every top company searches for engineers with experience. For freshers, there is hardly any job opportunity. Only if a fresher is lucky enough to crack through some good internship opportunity they can be hired by a top company.
  5. Every company needs experienced personnel therefore, it is essential to have some sort of side work with academics that can be mentioned in the resume.
  6. To be hired as an engineer people skill is essential i.e., soft skills such as – communication skills, presentation skills, speaking skills, decision-making skills. While facing interviews the candidate must possess the confidence and know what are they being hired for and what will be their future.
  7. It will be added advantage if the candidate has invented something that could benefit the company in some way. For this a bit of homework to understand the company is essential.

However, the above points are not taken very seriously in engineering institutes because most of the engineering institutes are classroom-based and have less practical knowledge. So, in general, lack most of the above skills to become a skilled engineer to be hired by a good company.

What to do after graduation?

After graduation one can choose trending courses such as Python full stack, Java full stack, artificial intelligence, data science, testing and automation, market research and business analyst, etc. To get into demanding courses, it is important to complete graduation because it is the basis of education at present. Only after that one should go forward with demand courses and certification courses. Possessing education only up to the 12th standard is not enough one has to have extra knowledge on a subject that interests them. Pursuing graduation in a particular field will also help one to be skilled and knowledgeable in one subject and then make the right decision of choosing courses that interests them to build a career on.

  1. Business sector- After graduation, an engineer can go ahead to become an entrepreneur and start something of their own.
  2. Government sector- Cracking a government-related engineering job in India is difficult and also depends largely upon vacancies available, therefore, after engineering many opt for government jobs such as banking or civil services.
  3. Education sector- After engineering one can also move towards the safest option of teaching, holding a Ph.D. in the technical field and becoming a professor doing so can hence solve the problem of disproportionate statistics between academics and industry.

There are many demanding courses are available in the market and a few of them are trending as per ‘Skill India Reports-2021’ and courses are.

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Data Science
  3. Neural networks
  4. Supply chain
  5. Cloud computing
  6. Python full stack
  7. Java full stack
  8. Testing and Automation

Best training institute in Vijaynagar

Choosing the best course that interests you is essential, but you must also keep in mind that you have a future in it and it is not something that is being chosen by everyone hence you are also choosing.

You must not always follow the crowd because if you do so then your chances of being hired are jeopardized and the ratio of competition will hike immensely. This hike in the competition will lead you to lose the job that first interested you to join the course. So, choose wisely, anticipating the future 5 years ahead.

You must not choose a course or a job that your seniors did. Following the footsteps of others is an easy way out. If you choose what your seniors did then after a few years that job will not exist this is because technology is drastically changing. The jib that your seniors have now might or might not exist 10 years from now. So, choose a career in which you know you have a bright future.

You must be wise to choose a career that pays well. In engineering especially in India, there are not many jobs that pay well because of fewer job opportunities and vacancies. Therefore, people opt for MBA (business sector) jobs and government sector jobs because it pays well. Therefore, if you are choosing a career make sure that you have a 5-year plan set. Make a five-year plan in such a way that on that fifth year when you look back you are happy with your decision.

To achieve success in life, one should aware of what they want to pursue in their life, once they have a clear vision of what to pursue, one can move with it. However, those who want to build a career in demanding courses like artificial intelligence, data science, python full stack, Java full stack, and testing and automation, can learn it either online or offline. In Bangalore, there are many institutes that provide demanding courses but one should be conscious of which institute to choose, Penatgonspace is the best training institute in Bangalore, which provides courses like Java full stack, python full stack, and testing and Automation. It is known for its quality education and placement for each and every enrolled student.


Be wise to choose a career, check your potential, see where you stand in academics what is your caliber, and are capable of doing the job you are aspiring for. Choosing the right career at the beginning itself saves a lot of time. In ICSE board students are allowed to choose streams in the 8th standard itself having this advantage will help you to know where you stand and where you see yourself in 10-15 years so make the decision wisely and don’t hesitate to face challenges that come by. Be ready to fail but always stick to your plan and strive to be the best in what you do.




















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