Facebook has launched a new venture called Meta. Meta is an ecosystem that Facebook has built, and it has been developed to connect people more realistically in the metaverse. Facebook changed its name soon after the launch. The agenda is that the programs that facebook had will all be under one umbrella name Meta even Facebook will be under its umbrella. Soon after the launch, Facebook changed its logo to the infinity blue symbol, the Meta symbol. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook now Meta said in the launch that he loved to read classics at an early age, and that’s where the name Meta springs. Meta, which basically means ‘beyond,’ is like the word says. The vision of this venture is to go beyond as far as possible to make virtual reality and augmented reality ‘the reality.’

How is Meta going to function?

Meta will function with gadgets such as VR glasses, and some even say that the Meta symbol kind of looks like VR glasses. Whatever application the user uses, they can use VR glasses or spectacles and headsets that make people believe that what they are seeing and listening to is a reality apart from their existing reality.

Let’s explore some subsections of Meta:

  1. Social connections:- People can easily connect with other people with the help of the AR software and others in Meta; people can freely move, choose what to wear, and even choose disguise. The host can host a meeting in a board room setting, a living room, or anywhere and ask people to join. The people invited can then choose what to wear how to look and people who cannot join also can be called to see where they are. The social connection is hence made more accessible from the comfort of homes. People can also easily block other people or make themselves private to be in their personal zone for as much time they need.
  2. Entertainment:- In the Metaverse, there is something called the Horizon Home and Horizon Worlds. The horizon home is an actual virtual reality home that anyone can create. And it is like a proper home, in which through a messenger call people can invite others and have parties enjoy movie time together. In the horizon world, people can access anything through virtual reality for example, if someone is at a party and their best friend is on the other side of the world, then they can join the same party too through virtual reality and also connect people online for the after-party. People can host online parties wherein they listen to favorite music together, meet other fans of the artist or meet the artist themselves, and even buy their merch.

Even gaming has been made extremely interesting with metaverse. Through a healthy VR and AR ecosystem Meta has taken a step forward to build something extraordinary. Because the metaverse is constantly evolving, gamers can keep creating and playing games, and Meta has hugely invested in live service games for their benefit. There are regular new updates and downloadable content like Echo VR, Beat Saber, Onward, Pistolwhip, and many more.

  1. Work:- Work has become remote recently, and there is a significant requirement for good digital tools and a work environment. The work environment is vital for people working from home. Due to the pandemic and harsh environmental conditions, many companies are opting for work from home lifestyle. But, this has also proven to slow down the process of work because not every house of all the employees is suitable for them to work from home therefore, Meta has designed something that can help one to be in the office without actually going to the office. This is made possible with their best tools, the VR and AR technology. Horizon workrooms are digital places that can be easily created by anyone using VR and AR technology. One can work from their homes and still be seen in the office, host and join meetings, make presentations and enter boardrooms. There are also 2D progressive web apps that the users can use to make presentations. The horizon world also has customized office spaces that can be customized according to the company, they can even put their logo. Even the Horizon homes have an office space for more focused work.
  2. Education:- With a headset and a pair of glasses, one can learn anything while experiencing it. For example, if someone is learning Astrophysics, they can visualize and see movements of planets and outer space just by sitting in a classroom or their home. One can easily visit Rome 2000 years ago and see the structures, visit the places, experience life, and even see the built sites and monuments. Education through Meta is not anything like the traditional education that has been going on for years. In Metaverse studying medicine is going to be very real, with the usage of OSSO VR, students can visit the operation theatre and even gather virtually to do surgery.

So, how does the Metaverse work?


The Metaverse works on display, audio, input, haptics, hand tracking, eye tracking, mixed reality, sensors, graphics, computer vision, avatars, perceptual science, and artificial intelligence.

Through VR technology, avatars can be easily accessed, and people and talk and connect to others as if they are talking in reality.

Another example is using sensors, the sensors will be able to sense our neuromotor movements, and with AR glasses, we will be able to see and experience things in a more realistic way possible.

The EMG input from the muscles of the wrist can be combined with contextualized AI. the sensors will sense the unused neuromotor pathways, with simple gestures, sensors will be able to form meanings and give instructions.


So, to sum up, Meta is the new name that Facebook has incorporated to oversee all the products that are associated with Facebook, including Facebook. Through Meta, people can enter the Metaverse, the new and exciting ecosystem run by VR and AR technology.

The Digital era has already begun, but this is going to change the entire world. More than half of the world’s population uses Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram today, but with Meta, people will be able to connect not only through their small gadgets. Still, they will be present in an astonishingly natural way apart from their existing reality.

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