In simple terms, coding refers to the language of the computer. Like humans and animals, computers also have their own language, which is in the form of binary numbers 0-1. For computers to talk and interact with the human world computers, have to be fed with the language in the correct desired format. This process is called coding.

Computers have become a part of almost everyone’s life. Therefore, to be able to talk to computers is necessary. However, every single person who uses computers cannot learn the language of computers so easily because it is a language on its own like other ethnic/cultural languages of different cities and countries. To bridge this gap, there are coders, and coders are basically those who speak the language of computers. They feed computers with language commands to respond to the user with whatever is required.

The coder works in a way that they understand the client’s perspective, their needs, and demands, and they understand computers as in which way the languages are to be coded for the computer to respond in a particular manner.

The other name of coding is computer programming. It is so because a computer is programmed in a specific manner to behave. Computer programming is a set of instructions given to the computer. There are one-line codes to hundreds of lines that are designed by coders for computers to act. There are many software and technologies that are used during this process.

Why coding?

           Coding is used for designing a website, applications, and present-day tools. Today with the uprise in the digital world, coding has become vital because digitization has reached almost every corner of the world, and almost every business and every sector need their services or products to be out in the digital market. For this reason, they must require websites or apps or some sort of digital tools to expand their business; hence, this is where coding comes to play. Coding is also used for graphic designing, to put special effects in movies, it is used to design communication media and much more daily use or rarely used computer program.

In short, it means that if one has to talk to the computer, one must either know a coder who would code the computer to talk to one or will have to know how to code by themselves. Coding is in much demand now because of digitization. The digital drive has taken over and is growing rapidly throughout the world. Therefore, coding is now taught in schools as well. It has become the most popular course at present.


Languages of computers 

           A computer speaks many languages, and a coder must learn at least one or two or maybe all the languages to be a successful coder, ‘to make their coding look like a million bucks.’ At first, coding started with the language called FORTRAN and COBOL, after which many coding languages sprung. Some of the popular ones are-


  • Java- Java is the most basic and popular programming language. It is an object and goal-oriented language. It runs on all the most user-friendly devices, such as devices that run on Windows and Mac OS. Java is an easy and simple programming language to learn.


  • Python- It is also the most popular easy to use programming language. It is a structured object-oriented language with high intensity and is interactive. It is mainly used in Artificial Intelligence tools and machine learning.


  • C- C is a procedural programming language. It is efficient and portable. It has built-in functions that combine high and low-level languages. However, it does not support object-oriented programming.


  • Ruby- Ruby is a programming language that has user-friendly syntax with fast developmental speed and a powerful community. It is used for creating web applications, web servers, web scraping, DevOps, and automation.


  • PHP- PHP is a programming language that is versatile and easy to learn. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems. It is used for server-side scripting and is very good for interactive websites.


How can you become a coder?

To become a coder, one must have a degree in computer science and must have a passion for computers. Anyone can be a coder if they have a passion for learning, understanding, and talking to computers. Now, coding has become just like any other language one would like to learn, just like French or Spanish. Therefore, practice and teaching oneself serve the purpose of making one a coder.


Java Full stack developer


But, how can you make your coding like a million bucks?

To make your coding look like a million bucks, you first need to:

1) Learn how to code

2) Practice daily

3) Take up projects to polish your knowledge of coding

4) Invest your time and money in coding Bootcamps

5) Keep an open mind about change

6) Adapt with the change

7) Keep on learning

8) Be up-to-date with new changes

9) keep track of new software and technologies

10) Take up challenges for coding related problems

As a coder, you must decide what kind of coding you have to do. You must focus on one language and make yourself the best in that language, then focus on other languages and polish those one at a time. For a coder, it is essential to decide which field you want to be in, such as:

1) Software programmers

2) Web developers

3) Mobile app development

As a coder, always update your CV and be on platforms where people can identify you as a well-qualified and certified coder. Coding has two levels high-level coding and low-level coding. As a coder, be thorough with both the levels and make yourself the best in it.



To sum up, a coder is someone who has knowledge about the language of computers. They feed adat on the computers so that computers can understand the language of laymen. With good practice, patience, and consistency in learning, one can easily become a number one coder. Coding is definitely not rocket science if you love computers and are curious about the how and what of computers, and then coding might just interest you. However, learning and adapting to change is of utmost importance in this field because the technological world, the digital world, is ever-changing and ever-updating; therefore, a coder must work accordingly.

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