While looking for a job, many have questions about their choice of subjects, after a certain point of time how much will they earn. Similarly, one who wants to have a career as a Full Stack Developer has questions like:

  1. Is a career as a Full Stack Developer a good choice or not?
  2. If I become a Full Stack developer, what will be my salary?
  3. I already know to program and have some experience, but what will be my income, if I look for a job?

To answer these questions, we have to first understand what exactly Full Stack Developers do and their responsibilities.

Who is a Full Stack Developer and what do they do?

 Full Stack is the development of both the front end and back end of a web application. On the front end is the client’s side and the back end is the server’s side. During a Full Stack development, He/She is appointed to design and develop the web application.

Full Stack developers play a very important role in the company because they work from the front end and back end. Full-stack developers look at databases and debugging of the web applications or websites in the making.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Design the architecture of the web application
  2. Ensure responsiveness of applicants and make it user friendly
  3. Collaboration is a must with the design team to deliver the best web application.
  4. Maintaining an organization’s code and integrity.
  5. Modifying codes using hardware and software
  6. Cross-platform optimization
  7. The Full-Stack developer must work with the graphic designers to understand the design and make the final decision.
  8. Data protection is essential; therefore, the Full Stack developer must be equipped with security and data protection settings.
  9. Today people use mobiles and laptops extensively; hence, a Full Stack developer must design a web application that is feasible and easy to use on all devices.
  10. A Full Stack developer needs to know, understand and use the other programming language for the Back-End server.

If you are interested in being a Full Stack developer and looking for opportunities for a job in this field, you must be equipped with expert skills.

So, let’s head on to understand the essential technical skills that you must possess to become the best Full Stack developer.

What is Front-End technology and skills required for the front-end developer?

Front end technology is client-side that the user directly interacts with, and it is responsible for user experience. And, so it has to be designed so that the web application is user-friendly, easily accessible, and has minimum glitches. Front end technology is a package of different programming languages that have to work in sync to deliver the best web application.

  1. HTML – It is the short form of Hypertext Markup Language. It is used to design web applications through markup language. Hypertext refers to the link between web pages, and markup language is used to define the text document that defines the structure of web pages.
  2. JavaScript – It is a programming language that makes the web application user-friendly and interactive and engages the user’s attention.
  3. CSS– It’s a short form for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a design language to make the web application look presentable by applying styles.
  4. Bootstrap
  5. React

What is Back-End technology and skills required for the Back-end developer?

Back-end technology is the server’s side. It is where all the data is stored. And it consists of the server, web applications, database, frameworks, and technologies such as J2EE. Same as the Front end, the Back end is also a package.

  1. Python– It is a programming language that helps the client to integrate systems and make them user-friendly.
  2. Java– It is an object-oriented programming language. It is used to make the system work smoothly for the user.
  3. J2EE and frameworks.


Full-Stack Developer Salary India

So, let’s discuss the salary offered to a fresher and an experienced in India to full-stack developers. A developer is the most crucial person; therefore, in India, the wages are roughly about INR 500000 per year, out of which the base salary = INR 270000 + bonus = INR 200000 + profit sharing up to INR 40000. With this data, it can be identified that today the Full Stack developer is a highly paid job in India. The developer salary starts from 300000 and goes up to 1M per year.

Full-Stack developer salary: Freshers and Experience

 A full-stack developer salary in India for a fresher- approximately INR 400k

A full-stack developer with early-level experience of 1-4 years – approximately INR 600k annually.

An employee with mid-level experience of 5-10 years- approximately INR 12-14 lakhs.

Full-Stack developer salary: Based on skills

  • Java skills- approximately INR 450k-500k
  • React js skills- approximately INR 400k-500k
  • Angular skills- approximately INR 450K-500k
  • Python skills- approximately INR 400k-450k
  • Angular skills-approximately INR 450K-500k

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Full-Stack developer salary: Top MNCs in India

  • Tata Consultancy Services offers an average of INR 530K per year
  • Accenture offers  an average of INR 680k per year
  • Infosys offers an average of INR 335k-424k per year
  • Cognizant Technologies Solutions offers INR 240k – 625k per year
  • Oracle offers an average of INR 139k – 169k per year

Full-Stack developer salary: Based on the city

  • Bangalore – an average 702k per year
  • Hyderabad – an average 704k per year
  • Pune – an average 702k per year
  • Chennai – an average 600k per year

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India is slowly moving ahead with it being digitalized completely. In the 2015 Digital India campaign that was started from then onwards, there has been significant growth in start-ups that need web designers who are Full Stack developers. To become a developer, one must equip themselves with skills needed for both front-end and back-end development of web applications because web design and web application are the need of the hour.

Essential things to be considered for growing as a Full Stack Developer

  1. The place– Working as a developer in small cities dealing with small start-ups might not be very attractive in terms of money matters, but metropolitan cities may attract a lump sum a year. This is because big cities have high living expenditures. Therefore, gaining skills and good quality deliverance will lead to better companies with a better future and financial security than big cities have. This, in return, will lead to you being in profit.
  2. Salary– Your salary will also be based on your skills. How many programming languages do you know? Are you well versed in all or one or two or none at all? Do you do little of everything, or do you do short of everything, but you are an expert in one of the programming languages? Frankly, the more expert you are and the more skills you have will lead to a better career as a developer, and if you have experience, then it will be a bonus point in this scenario; your pay will be about 500000+ per year.


To conclude full-stack developers are the unicorns of the technical field. They are the ‘know it all. It is all about web design and web development so a developer must be flexible and have a learner’s attitude. However, becoming a full-stack developer is not tough it is just about passion, patience, and multitasking. It requires a high level of responsibility, and it is a good career choice as it is the highest-paid job in India.

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To sum up, you can confidently go ahead with building your career in Full-Stack. If you are experienced, you must move forward and apply for jobs because a Full Stack developer is in high demand today. As of today, in 2021 you can work from home, if coding is something that interests you then full-stack development could be the gateway to your bright future.

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