What is coding?

Coding is referred to like computer programming. It is a process of programming data in order to use the computer effectively. In order to technically talk to the computer, coding is required. It is nothing much than a group of codes lined up in sequence and fed to the computer. It is basically the language of computers. The people who code are called coders, they write down instructions for a computer application to behave in a certain way for a software program. When someone is skilled in coding, writing down codes can make something unique because coding is an invention of a software program.

As we have applications and websites in almost every company, coding is very much on demand. Today every business organization wants to be digital and have a successful digital as well as a physical market. And, with the evolvement of society in the digital platform, companies need to be on track therefore, coders are in much demand today.

Why coding?

Today coding is like the basic literacy requirement because this generation is called the digital generation hence, knowing to code is extremely important. Everyone must have knowledge about coding. This is also because every business today needs a digital platform. Knowing to code will the entrepreneurs and business people make their names in the digital world and expand their businesses.

Knowing to code is not just limited to entrepreneurs and business people but is also an asset to your knowledge because sooner or later computer programming and coding is going to be something extremely essential.

What are coding languages?

The language that computers speak is called coding language. The coders’ responsibility is to design a coding script for a software program and feed it to the computer so that it behaves a certain way and is programmed.

Some of the main coding languages are-

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. PHP
  4. C++
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. JQuery
  8. MySQL
  9. MongoDB
  10. Ruby
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Amongst these, Python is a programming language with significant indentation, it is a language that helps coders to be object-oriented a write codes for big scale projects. It is a versatile language that is easy to read. It has endless libraries and packages. Very popular worldwide.

Java is also one of the most widely used popular programming languages, it has many applications. Java is object-oriented it runs on the idea of only writing once and working on it from anywhere.

C++ is a programming language that is popular for its use in critical applications. It is a mid-level programming language to create packaged software such as games.

Criteria for becoming a coder-

Coding typically needs studying computer programming and having a passion for it. If you are not passionate about computers and codes, it might become overwhelming. Learning to code effectively and make a career in it typically requires a college degree in computer science, software engineering, Bootcamp for coding, and of course, self-learning.

Steps to become a successful coder-

  1. Harness the passion for computer programming
  2. Acquire a college degree in computer science
  3. Acquire a degree in software engineering
  4. Invest in coding Bootcamps
  5. Do self-learning
What is full-stack development, and is coding necessary in full-stack?

Full-stack development is a multi-faceted field, it is a set of programs required for developing software.

It encompasses programming languages, databases, and libraries.  The full-stack development program works with both front-end and back-end development.

It requires one to be skilled in both and have thorough knowledge about the globe of computer programming.

Hence, coding is essential in full-stack development because it is fundamental. When programming, the full stack developer must know the coding languages, which are Python, Java, C++, HTML, and so on. The full stack developer inputs these languages with the help of a coder or codes by themselves. Therefore having a thorough knowledge of coding is basic literacy for a full-stack developer.

Career opportunities of a coder-

Computer science is thriving today, and computer programmers are high in demand today. With the evolvement of the digital world, society is rapidly changing to be fully digitalized hence, career opportunities of personnel with knowledge of computers and software are endless. Investment in these careers is good because the return is good. Today computer programmers are well paid according to their knowledge and skills.

Computer programming is like a crystal inside the rock.

For many years people had no idea of how important computer programming is but slowly when society started its involvement in the digital world, and the rock was broken, the crystal is out and is being polished to become more and more valuable. So, is the career of a person with the knowledge of computer science. It is an ever-growing, evolving industry and requires one to be up-to-date with the news technologies.

Some of the careers opportunities and salary statistics of coders are as follows:-

  1. Web developer- The job of a web developer is to write the primary codes. They work with graphic designers and programmers, perform diagnostic tests to keep the software up-to-date. The salary of a web developer in India starts from 3 Lakhs up to 11 Lakhs per year.
  2. Software developer- They work with coders to make coding programs and design software. A software developer’s salary in India on average starts from 6 Lakhs per year.
  3. Full-stack developer-  The job of a full-stack developer is to design software programs. They are a group of people working together. The salary of a full-stack developer starts from 5 Lakhs and can go up to 14 Lakhs per year depending upon their experience and skills.
  4. Front-end developers- A front-end developer is someone who inputs codes into the computer. The salary of front-end developers in India starts from 4 Lakhs per year.
  5. Data analyst- The job of a data analyst is to analyze the database, inspect it and gain valuable information. The salary of a data analyst in India is 5,94,500 INR per year.
  6.  Freelance programmers are those who are hired on a contract basis by companies to design a software application or their business website.
  7. The salary of a freelance programmer ranges from 1-20 Lakhs per year depending upon their experience and skills.

Hence, The average salary of a coder in India is 4824389 INR per year.

Where should you learn to code?

Coding requires Bootcamp to furbish the knowledge of computer programming and learn new and updated technologies. In Bangalore, the institute called Pentagonspace is the best place for any beginner who wants to pursue a career in coding. Pentagon space provides numerous courses of programming languages such as Java full-stack, Python full-stack, testing, and automation, Machine learning and engineering, Artificial intelligence and deep learning, Big data. At present, Pentagonspace is the best learning institution across the country because it provides rigorous 500 hours of training by experienced, well-trained, and experienced faculty.


Coding is the rising star of society today because of the evolution of the digital world. It is a much in need criteria for everyone to acquire. In the last couple of years, India has drastically changed in terms of its involvement in digitization. 10 years back, having a phone itself was a big thing, but now with the digital India drive in 2015, India has ‘n’ numbers of apps, and the market is increasing day-by-day. Coders are in high demand today, and the pay is good. Therefore if you are planning to build a career as a coder it is your time now. Invest in it because it is always uphill from here.


If you don’t know anything about coding don’t be embarrassed because Pentagon space is there to help you. Enquire now to a bright future!

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